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miss-emilyMiss Emily
Matt Phelan (Illustrator)

Discover the mischievous and affectionate side of a revered poet in this adventure about Emily Dickinson, four young friends, and a traveling circus. When an invitation to join Miss Emily in the garden appears, Mattie, Ned, Sally, and Mac know they’re in for some fun because Miss Emily — Emily Dickinson to the rest of us — always has a surprise in store for her young friends. And today’s may be the biggest adventure yet. In Burleigh Mutén’s suspenseful story, beautifully illustrated by celebrated artist Matt Phelan, Mac, the youngest member of the group, tells what happens when a reclusive poet and her band of pretend Gypsies wait for the midnight circus train to arrive.  Available at Amazon

goddessesGODDESSES A World of Myth and Magic
Illustrated by Rebecca Guay

An illustrated dictionary of over 200 goddesses from around the world. Look for your favorite goddess.Look for the one who reminds you of YOU! National Council for Social Studies and the Children’s Book Council – National Council for Social Studies and the Children’s Book Council, 2003 American Bookseller’s Association Book Sense/ Great Titles for Ages 9-12, 2003. Barefoot Books ISBN 1-84148-075-4 Available at Amazon

ladyoftenthousandnames_hc_wTHE LADY OF TEN THOUSAND NAMES Goddesses From Many Cultures
Illustrated by Helen Caan

An anthology of eight powerful goddesses including Ama-terasu, White Buffalo Woman, Freya, Cerridwen, Oshun, Kuan Yin, Persephone, Demeter, Hekate and of course, Isis. Children’s Book Council Notable Social Studies Book for Young Children 2001. Barefoot Books ISBN 1-84148-048-7 Available at Amazon

grandmothers-storiesGRANDMOTHERS’ STORIES Wise Woman Tales of Many Cultures

Illustrated by Sian Bailey

The old woman in each of these stories is wise, resourceful and important in her own right.  These eight retold folktales offer a fresh insight into the old woman’s role in our lives. Children’s Book Council Notable Social Studies Book for Young Children 2000. Barefoot Books ISBN 1-902283-24-4 Available at Amazon

gfmountainGRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN Stories of Gods and Heroes from Many Cultures
Illustrated by Sian Bailey

The men and boys in these myths and folktales are a unique collection of distinct contributions and leadership roles provided through the ages from around the world. From Merlin and Orunmila to Quetzalcoatl and Asklepios, we see magicians, creators and healers who spark meaningful exploration of gender and divinity. Barefoot Books ISBN 1-84148-789-9Available at Amazon


HER WORDS/An Anthology of Poetry About the Great Goddess

From Sappho to Judy Chicago, from the late Egyptian era to Audrey Flack, this anthology of fine art reproductions and literary excerpts proclaims the strength and majesty of the feminine experience.
Available at Amazon

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  1. Trish Crapo
    Trish Crapo February 13, 2014 at 5:13 pm · Reply

    Hi Burleigh, My name is Trish Crapo and I write on poetry and the visual arts for The Recorder, in Greenfield. My editor gave me an advance copy of Miss Emily and I’d love to get together and talk with you for my poetry column. The column usually includes a short write-up, one poem (in your case, we’ll excerpt a section) and a quick portrait that I take.

    Where do you live? Is it possible for you to meet me at my studio in Greenfield?

    If you are in the Amherst/Northampton area, I come to down that way every Monday for an evening commitment, so could meet you sometime on a Monday afternoon.

    I look forward to talking with you about your book,
    413-834-7934 (cell)

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