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Inspiring young children to write is one of the joys of being a children’s author.  I use a variety of unique prompts to motivate creativity — antique keys, the sound of a bell, the wing feather of a crow, a list of Emily Dickinson’s favorite words.

All programs are designed to meet Common Core Language Arts and Social Studies standards. Author, editor, publisher, classroom teacher — I bring all the literary hats I’ve worn to your school.

Author visits can include an interactive slide show for assemblies or classrooms and writing workshops for individual classes. Writing workshops are most successful when children have  time  to write, revise and read aloud.

Fees, which range from $150 to $600, depend on your needs.  I’ve taught Emily Dickinson to kindergartners (who have so much in common with her) for years and am now a guide at the Emily Dickinson Museum. For more information or to book a visit at your school or library, please contact me at


Meet Emily Dickinson!


I introduce Emily Dickinson to individual classrooms with a one- to two-hour program that includes writing prompts related to the poet.

For larger audiences of several classrooms, I introduce the poet through a power-point presentation that’s followed by visits to individual classrooms, where children write poetry inspired by Dickinson.

The 25-minute power point is an interactive opportunity for children to reflect on Dickinson’s life in the 19th century as well my process as a children’s writer and poet. After sharing my research about the circus that came to Amherst in 1974, I read them the chapter from Miss Emily, my verse novel about Dickinson,  in which I fictionalized my research.

Grades 4 – 6.  $150 – $300 for individual classroom visits. Power point and two classroom visits $500.


Writing With Miss Emily


This 5- day poetry residency offers young authors an opportunity to learn about Emily Dickinson, her work, and times while they are given opportunities to write poetry inspired by Dickinson’s work. Students gain a sense of themselves as poets, whose second draft is more powerful than the first.

Grades 4 – 6   $600.  Slide show, Q & A, and four hour-long writing sessions. 




In a 2- to 3-hour writing workshop, young authors use the five senses to generate poetry and revise it! The emphasis is on making the hard work of writing fun.

This program can work over a series of days if you are close enough to where I live in Massachusetts. I love tailoring this program to your social studies or literacy units and always allow time for Q & A.

Grades 3 – 6.   $300 – $750.


Who Said Research is a Treasure Hunt?IMG_0255

Whether your students are researching Greek mythology or the history of the circus, it’s important to know how to document your work, organize your process, and to know how to paraphrase.

This 2 – 3- hour workshop will give your students practical tools to use online as they collect, document and organize data.

Grades 5 – 6    $300 – $450.


From the Idea to the ISBN miss-emily

Children of all ages are curious about how a book is created from start to finish.  I share my own experience as writer, editor and publisher and explain the numerous steps of the publishing process  —  contract, copy editing, revision, art design, galleys, publication, marketing and reviews.  Children can try on the many hats involved in the publishing business.

This hour-long program is tailored to meet the age level of the children. Grades K – 6   $200.



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