Word Lists

A word list can be about anything. It can become a poem in itself when you arrange
the words, listening for the sound and rhythm they make as you say them aloud.

I refer to my word lists when I’m writing. Sometimes I find just the word I need.
Sometimes, just the sound of a list of words jogs my creative thinking. Creating a new word list is a great writing warm-up exercise.

If you’d like to add to these lists or create one to be included on my website, I’d love to hear from you.


buzz, click, hum, hoot, zing, b-zing, whistle, whine, squeal, shriek, screech, moan, howl, growl, groan, pop, swoosh, swish, thwack, clack, slap, thud, chug, toot, tweet, pound, rustle, roar, ding, click, clatter, clang, snort, huff, puff, click, screech, shout, shrill, hushed, croon, whisper, croak, echo

bright, sunny, sunrise, sunset, salty, sand, windy, blowing, , waves, lifting, reaching, crashing, roaring, overcast, warm, hot, whipping, blowing, lifting, waves, crashing, washing, reaching, swimming, hot, windy, cold, biting, roasting, burning, shells, seaweed, rounded rocks, radios, people, crowded, swath of light reflected, sailing, rowing, buckets, castles, shovels, scooping

red, scarlet, cinnabar, lake, cochineal, vermillion, rouge
orange, ocher, cadmium
yellow, gold, gamboges, chrome, banana, lemon
green, forest, emerald, celadon, pea, chartreuse
blue, ultramarine, cobalt, indigo, lapis lazuli, turquoise
purple, amethyst, lilac, heliotrope
grey, silver
black, jet, ink, ebony, coal, pitch, soot, crow
brown, umber, ocher, sienna, sepia

lift, soar, glide, swoop, zoom, dart, dip, dive, descend, alight, lift, bank, hover

open, wave, point, bless, beckon, guide, reach, connect, hold, embrace, stroke, caress, create, shape, preen, protect, write, draw, paint, sculpt, pluck, pick, strum, cut, crush, direct, regenerate, wring, strike, grip, squeeze, clap, clasp, push, pull, dig, reach, wipe, pat, bury, uncover, carry, clasped, folded, scoop, hug, pat

bonnet, bowler, derby, turban, porkpie, tophat, straw, boater, snood, cap, fedora

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